Vulnerables was a work in progress from May ’98 to September ’99 created by Fabiana de Barros with the collaboration of Michel Favre, webmaster Kevin Rollin and the public:

Vulnerables is an art web site created by Fabiana de Barros for the exhibition THE EDGE OF AWARENESS organized by Adelina von Fürstenberg, curator of the exhibition and President of Art for The World, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of The World Health Organization.

This itinerant exhibition began at WHO – Geneva in May 1998 and then travelled to New York – PS1 (sept.. 98), São Paulo – SESC Pompéia (dec. 98) and New Delhi – Museum of Contemporary Art (march 99). vulnerables was on-line during each exhibition, each time with new elements.

Project: Fabiana de Barros
Development: Fabiana de Barros and Michel Favre
Graphic design consultant: Paula Manfrin
Webmaster: Kevin Rollin
The site was created in coproduction with the centre pour l’image contemporaine (saint-gervais genève)*, with the help of the WHO information system management division.