( + = - ) 18th anniversary of the Fiteiro Cultural

Sesc Pompeia presents
(+ = -) Mais é Igual a Menos
18th anniversary of Fabiana de Barros’ Fiteiro Cultural

Opening: March 29th (Wenesday) at 8:00 pm
With the launching of the 2nd edition of Aberto [Open]: Fiteiro Cultural, by Edições Sesc São Paulo

with the support of Pro Helvetia – swiss arts council

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The first Fiteiro Cultural, João Pessoa, Brasil, 1998

It will feature photos, films, and models of this cultural and artistic intervention project that has traveled the world, in addition to a series of reliefs being shown for the first time
Fabiana de Barros is also taking part in SP-Arte, presenting a new Fiteiro Cultural under commission by Galeria Luciana Brito.

From March 30 to June 18, 2017 Sesc Pompeia will be presenting Fabiana de Barros’ (+ = -) Mais é Igual a Menos [More is Less] in the cultural center’s Creativity Workshops. This free exhibition commemorates the 18th anniversary of Fiteiro Cultural, a cultural and artistic intervention conceived in 1998 that has toured 13 countries, posing new ways of thinking about the relationship between art and the public.

While an artist in residence in João Pessoa, in the northeastern state of Paraiba, Fabiana de Barros created the first Fiteiro Cultural based on local beach kiosks (fiteiros). The basic wooden construction became a powerful instrument for forging collaborative cultural partnerships once they had been installed, enabling the local community to use the empty space as an workshop, a creative art center or a stage for performances, among countless other possibilities.

Ever since then Barros, a Brazilian artist based in Switzerland, went on to receive several commissions from artists, institutions, galleries and international events to show her kiosks all over the world. Nineteen fiteiros have been shown in cities that include Athens, Havana, Jerusalem, Milan, New York and São Paulo with differing adaptations for each local situation and users’ needs. Essentially, however, they share the same aim of bringing individuals together to create, build, play, write, learn, teach, discuss and share.

A novel series of reliefs inspired by the forms of the kiosk and Josef Albers’ squares

Designed by Ricardo Amado, the exhibition “(+ = -) Mais é Igual a Menos” – named for a poem by the German artist Josef Albers (1888 – 1976) – features photos and films that revisit the Fiteiro Cultural’s trajectory over the last 18 years together with models of eight kiosks and works by Fabiana de Barros being shown for the first time.

Using voids and the constructive form of kiosks (fiteiros), Barros drew inspiration from Albers’s colorful and juxtaposed squares to develop a series of reliefs, involving drawing, cutouts, reconstruction, sculpture and casting. She also built new tridimensional epoxy models using various configurations of these kiosks filled in with silicone, thus lending corporeality to the object’s voids. For the artist, who had always been producing fiteiros for others, creating these new works was a way of reappropriating her own work.

The 18th anniversary of Fabiana de Barros’ project is also being commemorated, on the evening of the exhibition opening, with the launching of the 2nd edition of the book Aberto [Open]: Fiteiro Cultural.

Pour célébrer les 18 ans du Fiteiro Cultural de Fabiana de Barros le Sesc Pompeia présente dès le 30 mars 2017 l’exposition ( + = – ) qui offre un regard panoramique sur sur son histoire depuis 1998. Le Fiteiro Cultural est une oeuvre d’Art Public et contextuelle inspirée des échoppes des rues du Nord du Brésil. Il s’agit d’un espace culturel nomade qui se défini en fonction du lieu où il est implanté. Le seconde édition du livre Aberto [Open], publié aux éditions SESC accompagnera l’événement. L’ouvrage revu et mis à jour réunit textes et images des principaux partenaires et artistes impliqués dans le projet.

Release Fabiana de Barros em inglês

Le site du Fiteiro Cultural

Em comemoração aos 18 anos da obra Fiteiro Cultural, 1998 de Fabiana de Barros, o Sesc Pompeia apresenta, a partir do dia 30 de março, uma mostra que visa proporcionar um olhar panorâmico sobre sua história. O Fiteiro Cultural é uma obra de arte pública e contextual inspirada nas vendas de rua do norte do Brasil, que se apresenta como um lugar cultural nômade, criando sua programação de acordo com o local onde está instalado. Será lançada também a segunda edição atualizada do livro Aberto [Open] pela editora do SESC. O livro traz farta documentação fotográfica e textos de artistas e curadores que colaboraram com o projeto.

Celebrating the 18th anniversary of Fiteiro Cultural, 1998 by Fabiana de Barros, Sesc Pompeia presents, from March 30th, a show that aims to provide a panoramic view of its history. Fiteiro Cultural is a public and contextual work inspired by street sales dynamics of the north of Brazil. It presents itself as a nomadic cultural place that creates its program according to the place where it is installed. The celebration also comprises the launching of the second edition of the book Aberto [Open] by SESC book publisher. The book brings abundant photographic documentation and texts by artists and curators who collaborated with the project.